Sunday, August 24, 2014

[Tweetbits] Kim Hyun Joong Phantasm World Tour 2014 in Bangkok

  • playing national anthem starting!
  • HJ said it's the first time fans are so loud right from the start ^^
  • another 6-yr old girl was chosen for I'm Your Man ^^
  • The little girl cried. The mum came up to be with her.
  • So funny.... the girl was crying as he sings... but show heart sign with her hands over head as she cries.
  • he gave her a hug took photo then big hug again! girl broke into big smile ^^
  • Bangkok has up the standard. the fireworks, the fans screaming level ...
  • PLEASE... HJ stripped... Audience in shock.... then delirium. Lol!
  • HJ thanked and said goodbye with 'I love you' in thai.
  • 4 songs for encore tonight. Your story, please, do you like that, lucky guy.
  • It was a great concert tonight!!
  • it was very cheerful today, more so than moving. the fans were great! HJ was great!
  • he didnt just look at the fans at eye level but looked up at fans in stands. very satisfying.
credit: @loving_khj

  • Fans are singing with HJ together
  • Fans are so high now and say 김현중 사랑해요^^
  • Thats a great condition abo HJ today..and fans also shout loudly~~~
  • HJ invites a Thai girl to the stage!!!!! wow~
  • that young girl is cried and her mom goes to the stage then..
  • HJ always laugh all the time and prove his great condition to fans^^ 오빠아~plz go on laughting!!
  • The scene is so hottttttt now and HJ is singing Please of my fav song~~hah
  • It seems that HJ always strip during sing 'Please'~~Thats HisHabit?
  • HJ still wear his underpants then some fans play jokes that he dont change it yet since Shanghai..hah so cute
  • Nothing On You..
  • Gonna be end..
  • some fans are also singing YourStory with HJ together..I dont want it to be end~ ㅜㅠ
  • Wow Please again!!!!
  • HJ says Im very excited tonight bcuz u guys are here...Im so touched again ㅜㅠㅠ
  • Encore:Yourstory,Please,Do U Like That and LuckyGuy..and also said "I love U" in Thai language..수고하셨습니다 오빠~
credit: @Shawnkey0606


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