Saturday, September 6, 2014

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong’s Former Bodyguard Posted Message of Support

Mr Jeong said ”Compared to the time when I was a bodyguard for somebody else, the time when I was a bodyguard of Kim Hyun Joong ssi, was the happiest time of all."

Kim hyun Joong ssi is always very grateful to the fans and hence still & always grateful. Although I couldn’t stand by his side until the end., I will always be grateful and remember all the overflowing support & love that I have received deep in my heart.

"hyun-joong ssi is truly an undeniably good person, so please give many support to him as well…”.. ( transalated @5starsAs1)

“I know really lot of people surprised about that news but really actually all my friends have to remind about his situationn, Please never misunderstand”…… Mr jeong

--end of message--

With this person who have been with Kim Hyun Joong for a long time must be someone who have received much love from him, and in times of need like this , he just can’t stand and let Kim Hyun Joong be destroyed by someone and unfair media reports. Thank you for your message of support it gives us strength. together we all say Fighting!Kim Hyun joong!


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  1. I hope that Mr. jeong eill continue his duty after military service, because I believe that he really support our prince by all heart. KHJ needs this support. Thank you support him and show your feels.