Tuesday, September 2, 2014

[Info] Park Jung Min To Hold a Latin American Tour Following Japanese Promotions

Following Japanese promotions held in the month of August – including a surprise release of his 2nd Japanese mini-album in Korea – Park Jungmin will now be promoting in Latin American countries during the Fall season!

So far, the only clue to his upcoming tour is the official poster for it, which shows a charming picture of him winking with a chocolate-covered churro and windswept hair. The title of the tour is “Save Us Tonight,” though other than the colorful background and graphics, no other information is currently given.

The post itself reads, “Hello? ^^ This is Park Jungmin~^^ From October I will be beginning a Latin American tour~^^ First things first, the poster ja-jjan! We will give out specific information soon~!!”
In other words, fans can expect ticket prices and location information to be given out soon, allotting a short time of preparation up ahead.

Nonetheless, fans in Latin America will have the opportunity to see Park Jungmin in the mid-Fall season, so stay tuned for more updates regarding his future promotions!


Source: Park Jungmin’s Official Facebook / koreaboo.com

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