Sunday, September 14, 2014

[Translation] Kim Hyung Jun Interview on Hanryu Love Story Perfect Guide : The Spell Of Love (Part 1)

Q. How was the drama of every day and long-term?
JJUN : Before shooting, I was worried.. But after the shooting now, I feel that I can grow and gain confidence. "Making role" is not difficult. Because I was trying "enjoy" without thinking hard.
However it was very hard to physically (laugh) This shooting takes 8 months, we had taken 4-5 days weekly. So I was borne in mind that I will take a regular meal. The breakfast menu with plenty of nutrition, I took a lot of moisture in particular.
And I played to be able to assimilate the character to forget myself.

Q. What is the similar point with Han Tae Kyung?

JJUN : Han Tae Kyung is severe personality. But I'm not! The similar point is romantist man who give all for lover(laugh)

Q. The most impressed scene?
JJUN : Very happy scene with Swim. The moment that Tae Kyung's love for long year was rewarded.

JJUN : I feel that team "Melody of Love" is like my family. We spent like real family.

Q. Future goals as actor?
JJUN : Actor is "the 2nd life' to me. I want to acting soulful, such as not ashamed as an actor.


credit: @yuhki07

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