Monday, October 13, 2014

[News] Kim Hyung Jun Officially Joins Instagram

Kim Hyungjun joins the Instagram craze!

Continuing his promotions as a solo artist and being busy with his upcoming releases and concert tour, Kim Hyungjun has unveiled his official Instagram account to the public.

On October 12th, the singer shared his first post on the social networking site, which came with a message saying, “Insta Start!” The post was further flooded by comments from his fans, welcoming him to the site.

Since his first post twelve hours ago, Kim Hyungjun has continued to share a glimpse of his daily life, posting photos of his foods, pet and more.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyungjun is set to release the single album “BETTER” in Japan on November 19th. He will also be holding an exclusive tour titled, “Endless Story.”



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