Saturday, November 8, 2014

[News] Kim Kyu Jong Brings Up SS501 Members During Drama Press Conference

Kim Kyu Jong brought up the SS501 members.

On November 7, Kim Kyu Jong attended the press conference for KBSN’s 12-episode drama S.O.S Save Me in 63 Convention Center in Yeouido and revealed that he has been keeping in touch with the members.

Kim Kyu Jong said, “How did the SS501 members react to my comeback drama? We actually all met up for a birthday party recently and they told me, ‘You will do well on your own.’”

Kim Kyu Jong said, “But they (SS501 members) told me they will promote the drama, so I’ve been putting my trust in them,” adding, “About other members’ acting abilities. Well, how could I dare judge their acting abilities?”

S.O.S Save Me is a romance drama about a half brother and sister who begin their ill-fated first love, love between a teacher and a student and a couple that faces death after finally reuniting after 25 years of separation. It will honestly and passionately depict forbidden love and painful memories of first love.

The drama will begin on November 12.


source: mwave
Photo credit: Newsen

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