Friday, April 4, 2014

[Translation] Gaya's Letter to Shin Jung Tae

To Shin Jung Tae

The fortune teller in Shiniju saved Chung Ah from jumping off the cliff.
He seek help from a German missionary couple and they took Chung Ah to Germany and had an successful operation too.
Dokku who has been watching this all along told me about it.
Later Shinichi discovered about it, I kept it from him and secretly brought Chung Ah away from Germany, and settled her in a secluded place in Japan.
I'm sorry, for you and your sister's safety, I've been keeping quiet about it.
Hope we can live in a new era in future.
You must live happily.
You and me, me and you, did we ever had affection?


credit: @501wangja

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  1. Wish they reborn in the same path. Shin jung tae...Daebak!!!!