Monday, August 25, 2014

[Fan Account by Henecia Thailand] Kim Hyun Joong Phantasm World Tour 2014 in Bangkok

  • #khjinbkk2014 the concert was awesome as always and ever! KHJ gave all. So did the fans! he really had a good time dancing and singing
  • I really appreciate KHJ made eye contacts with everyone, some long gaze, some winks ;) LOL I can feel the joy and mutual love among us
  • One time, he walked to our side during encore. He danced and made hand gestures like "more more, give all!" we did so by dancing and chanting
  • "move your body!! shake it shake it!" we were in trance! it was a blast. i wish you saw his facial expression..priceless. like SO MUCH FUN
  • The screen showed some Thai translations of HJ words before the encore.I don't remember much but it was like...sometimes..alone..feel alone
  • and then have your love and he wanna say he misses everybody and thank you. now "can we hear you say 'encore' please" LOL i luv it!
  • HJ was sweet with Thai fans, praising the beautiful smiles and beautiful us hahaa. he also recognized international fans too
  • he called the little girl Junior on the stage who cried so HJ Oppa didn't know what to do but called the mother too hahaa
  • he walked around the stage a lot. came down and moved to each side. I was just an arm's length and felt this was unreal
  • We were happy to be there just the same. At first the energy didn't catch on. He was a tad bit...static. but later on he was on fire.
  • when he sings and dances on stage, he seems so happy. just pure happiness. i think it's where he belongs. I hope nth'll take that away from him
  • Thanks  HJ's security team. I could see clearly they were professional. HJ threw a cap to audiences. Fans, including little kid, trying to catch it
  • so they bend over the fence but the guard was quick to pull them back and tell them it was he picked the cap up and handed to them
  • we didn't take photos (just a few) we were scared of the security team haha but it made us focused and enjoyed the pure vibes in the concert
  • Congrats to those who had hi touch with him. i know some of you said good words like "Fighting" which he acknowledged!
  • I got group photo. he was just standing right behind me. so i turned and said Hi Hi Hi with a big smile.
  • he widened his eyes with a smile and said Hi back too. i was so happy. hahaa
  • he said he'd never forget this night and bring back home all the love. so you do it HJ. Head high and stay strong
  • Lastly, thanks all the fan club administrators who gave us souvenirs and text banners to enjoy the concert even more. U r super fans!!!
  • i guess that's all my little accounts of HJ last night. photos are all around. enjoy girls!!! ^^


credit: @HeneciaThailand

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