Tuesday, December 11, 2012

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Interview with Oristar

ⓠ Is tatto your idea?
ⓐ Yes, my idea. Although they’re not real tattoo, I feel satisfied enough to show different image I have showed before.

ⓠ Is there any behind story when shooting (a PV)?

ⓐ I spent time to decide even a guitar. but I enjoyed every moment I obsessed and concidered ab everything. Also it was a memory to take a long long time to get tattoo (smile).

ⓠ Are those main visuals for UNLIMITED very strong?

ⓐ I always want to show ‘new image’ to you. more than “HEAT”, I wanted to show more manly and bold image. visualized wild and artistic image for this album breaking away from the typical dance singer.

ⓠ Is “Break Down” included in the album, your solo debut song in Korea?

ⓐ That’s the song I met for the first time while searching my own color. It brought a good result. It’s a special and meaningful song because it was released with KHJ’s name for the first time in Korea.

ⓠ What’s your goal as an artist?
ⓐ I always say, I wanna have a free charity concert with all my fans from entire world. well it would be better I could have one in space. (laugh) I always dream and wish I would give a really nice concert as a gift in return for my fans love and support. I keep thinking I want to make it, even if I don’t know when that will be.


Japan to Korea trans by @hibito860606
Korea to English by @howlovelylala

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