Tuesday, December 11, 2012

[Translation] Tidbits from Kim Hyun Joong Unlimited Premium Event in Japan

HJ was asked: "Korea is very cold last week,are you OK?" HJ answered: "it's OK, coz I went to China at that time"(totally HJ style~haha) then he talked aboutt the awards he got in 121208 Miguhui Music Awards,fans clapped hands to congratulate him.

another question: "What are you doing in China?" HJ answered: "I learned to play table tennis from a professional person." but he said he only tried several times,then he shown the poses of playing table tennis.really not standard, (I guess HJ could learn table tennis well in China cuz it's national ball of China,many fans wanna teach him...)

HJ kept moving all the time, MC asked why he always move,he answered: "I'm hot!" there were many fans saying "take off!take off!" immediately.then he did a pose seems to undressed his coat but didn't finish yet,he said: "I'll feel cold if I did." then he switched topic on his coat today,but finally he satisfied fans requirement and took off his coat.

HJ: "actually I'm not as busy as you guys imagined." 
fans: "Aha?"(means he is so busy this yr).
MC played a joke: "so many events this yr,just like a machine"
HJ: "not really,cuz I have slept well as you guys do" 

HJ: I feel pity couldn't CB as an actor,but I'll reach this aim in 2013,so I don't have regrets abt 2012,also don't wanna regret abt 2013,I hope you guys have same thoughts with me^^


translated by 得贤疯迷KHJ @crazyhyun66

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