Wednesday, February 20, 2013

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Capture the Heart with 'The Flowers Smile'

Kim Hyun Joong has revealed the depth of this captivating pictorial.

The Star Style magazine 'High Cut' will be published on February 21th, Kim Hyun Jonng showed pictorial containing the refreshing charm through like a spring breeze.

Pictorial a fashion of HANGTEN Kim Hyun Joong dressed in the white pants and a striped T-shirt style Marin looks, Scott T-shirt and Cino pants pattern, show off distinctive charm with the Dandy looks.

In especially in the close-up revealing scarlet gum fresh flowers in his hands, and the eyes were bright and lovely smile.

It also never seen Kim Hyun Joong's before, he's a playful wit and humorous expressions that pose until he has attracted the appearance colorful showed.


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English trans @SakuraDream501

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