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[Translation] Kim Hyung Jun Interview on The Bridges (Thai) Magazine


Q1. Please introduced yourself to the readers of The BRIDGES Magazine.
Jjun: Hello, my name is Kim Hyung Jun, Singer and Actor. i’m 26 year old.
my height = 181 cm , my weight it is secret.

Q2: When did you start as a singer?

Jjun: i debuted in 2005, it's 8 years now.

Q3.What’s your inspiration of becoming a singer?
Jjun: I started to be a singer since I was approached by scouts when i was walking on the street, but normally I like singing and dancing.

Q4. What is the reason that make SS501 decided to have solo activities?
Jjun: Each member started solo activites. So we talked about make a solo activities, after that we decided to do solo activities.
Q5. After making a solo activites, did something changed from SS501′s activites.
Jjun: Nothing changed, but I am more freely.

Q6. Do you keep in touch with SS501 members?

Jjun: of course
Q7. Please explain the concept of the album “ESCAPE”
Jjun: It is a music style that I like more than the first album. I felt like a grown up more and the music has grown up too.
Q8. How do you feel that you played in the drama ‘Sunshine Girl’, ‘Late Blossom’ in the 2012
Jjun: As a actor it not easy. I think there's no work that's not difficult. but i’m lucky, i like challenge and always want to learn something new.
i really enjoyed to show in the drama

Q9. How do you feel when you shoot the first scene?
Jjun: i want to played in the drama since i debuted. So when i shoot the first scene, i'm really glad. when i am filming, I'm thinking, I must do my best.

Q10: Recently you had been a more interested as fashionista in the “2013 Asian Model Festival”
Jjun: this time I'm so busy more and i have a lot of work more than i was a singer. if you asked me which job i like the most? now I'm focusing on the acting more than singing because I am a singer for a long time, So it felt like a routine.

Q11: about the Movie ‘Actors are Actors’…

JJun: the movie will be released in the spring season. I plays the role of “Gong Myung” , who is the new actor. i can’t give more detail right now. please look forward to it^^

~My Life~

Q12: Where do you stay?
Jjun: before, i stay in the dormitory but right now I'm staying  with my family

Q13: What is your favorite food?
Jjun: Kimchi, Eel, Beef, Seaweed, Lotus root

Q14: what is your hobby?
Jjun: I like driving the most and this time I'm interested in fashion so much. So, it makes me feel like to go shopping everytime.

Q15: daily life?

Jjun: wake up, exercise, record radio, training, sleep

Q16: what is the most difficult thing as a korean actor ?

Jjun: time unstable of filming . you must work hard in filming without sleep, so i think it is the most tiring.

Q17: do you have girlfriend?
Jjun: NONE!!

Q18: ideal women
Jjun; cute girl

Q19: what korean food that you can do it the best?
Jjun: Bu chim gae(부침개) and Dwenjang jjigae (된장찌개)

Q20: What korean food you will introduce to Thai fans
Jjun: Bulgogi

Q21:Where you often go in korea?
Jjun: Busan, Haeundae , Jeju

Q22: last year, you represented korea to attend ” Thailand–Korea Friendship Festival ” 

Jjun: How do I feel? because that time the weather in korea is very cold but in thailand very hot.
I had activities in overseas many time so, I can adapt climate change everywhere I go.

Q23: Please Introduced tourist attraction in korea to Thai Fans
Jjun: you must to go Jeju island. The scenery in Jeju is very beautiful

Q24: you came to Thailand many times, what is difference between Thailand and Korea?
Jjun: The weather

Q25: what is the same thing between Thailand and Korea?
Jjun: people in korea spend life with hastle and busy and Thailand look like that too

~About Thailand~

Q26: when you arrived in Thailand, how do you feel?
Jjun: So Hot!! very hot including the feedbacks from fans and the weather

Q27: what is difference between Thail Fans and Fans in another country?
Jjun: feedback from Thai fans very ardently and active more than another country

Q28: last year, you attended activities CSR “Thailand–Korea Friendship Festival 2012″ In the addition, Did you have another CSR activities ?
Jjun: I'm always grateful that i got a lot of love. So, i think i should share to other people. everyday i tried to do CSR activities more and more by donating and volunteering.

Q29: you got many letter and gift from thai fans, Which gift that is very memorable to you?
Jjun: i received the great of love from Thailand Fans always. i will remember the gift that my fans give me every piece and i will try to remember all
Q30: what food you like to eat when you came to Thailand?
Jjun: Stir Fried Crab Curry Powder, it very delicious

Q31: Please say something about your role in ‘Sunshine Girl’ and ‘Late Blossom’.

Jjun: in ‘Sunshine Girl’ i played the role of “Kang Min” Top Star who have self-confidence and
‘Late Blossom’ I played the role of a smart public service personnel named “Jung Min Chae”.
who come from poor family.

Q32: please Introduced tourist attraction in Thailand for people in korea
Jjun: if you want to rest, go to Phuket , if you want travel in the city go to Bangkok

Q33:Why is that place? (phuket and Bangkok)

Jjun: that place can explain to unique Thailand as well. if talking about beautiful places in thailand it is Phuket

Q34: you have plan to travel in Thailand ?

Jjun: i want to go many times if i have chance. i want to meet my fans in Thailand that gave me a warm welcome always

~About Dream~

Q35.What were your dreams as a child? and did you succeed or not? 
Jjun: if it's a dream i think i did it successfully already, but for my goal that i plan not yet, now I'm trying to do it for achieve all my goals.
Q36:What kind of person are you when you were a child?
Jjun: it's same as this time, friendly and like to socialize ,so it makes me had many friends

Q37: What will you be in the future? A singer or an actor?

Jjun: it is not only singer and actor. but every work that i did it, i will tried to do it the best.

Q38: What is the career that you like?
Jjun: each career has its own charm. Both as singer and actor had a great experience to me. I’m always grateful.

Q39: Who is your favorite singer, actor ? Korean or International..

Jjun: Jung Woo Sung, Rain, Lee Byung Heon,Lee Jeong Jae

Q40: day of the week that you like best
Jjun: Sunday

Q41: what's your favorite color
Jjun: blue and black

Q42: Evaluate yourself
Jjun: ohmmm….i don’t know

Q43: what is your charm?

Jjun: Optimistic

Q44: The disadvantage that you want to change?

Jjun: uncertain waver

Q45: What is the most important to you ?
Jjun: my family

Q46: How can you see yourself 10 years from now?

Jjun: excellent singer and actor.

Q47: what is your habit when nobody looks at like you?

Jjun: Nail biting, i wanted to stop do this habit, but when i unguarded, i do it always

Q48: Please say something to Thailand Fans

Jjun: thank you for your love and support me, if i chance i want to come to Thailand many time. in the future pls look forward to see my work forever.

Q49: Please say something to your korean fans:

Jjun: in the new year i wish everything smoothly well and pls love me more and more

Q50: Lastly please say something The Bridges Magazine readers :
Jjun: it good if you read this magazine , this magazine present the good news always.
last year i came in Thailand it make me knew about Thailand more than old “The BRIDGES” Flight!


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