Sunday, March 3, 2013

[Tweetbits] Kim Hyun Joong Unlimited Tour 2013 in Yoyogi

  • First song HEAT. Now Rize Up. KHJ starting off with his Japanese rock songs. 😊
  • KHJ Japan Tour. Now he's performing Save Today!!
  • Ahhhhhh so nice to hear KHJ singing live!! I miss this. 😊 Save Today.
  • Next up for KHJ Japan Tour: kiss kiss!
  • "Oh I won't stop.... I'm loving you..." KHJ singing Korean version of Kiss Kiss.
  • KHJ now talking.
  • KHJ talking in Japanese.
  • Ok Japanese was greeting only. Now he's talking Korean with interpreter. Haha.
  • Audience laughing. KHJ must be showing his 4Dness again. 😊
  • Next up Smile. 
  • Smile ended. Now it's back to talking.
  • Audience laughing. What are you talking about Hyun Joong-ah?!!
  • Singing Marry Me now.
  • Marry Me ended. Fans calling for Lida.
  • KHJ talking again.
  • Oh my whats going on? Fans going crazy.
  • U. ❤
  • Oh wow! Singing U up in the air? No wonder fans are so loud!
  • U ended. Fans still screaming. He said arigatogozaimasu.
  • KHJ talking.
  • Singing I'm Yours.
  • Said arigatogozaimasu again after Im Yours ended. Now it's lets party.
  • KHJ talking again after Let's Party ended.
  • Do You like That.
  • Band sounding so nice with Do You Like That. Now it's Lucky Guy
  • KHJ talking after Lucky Guy extended version.
  • If You're Like Me!!!
  • Awwwww don't cry now Hyun Joong-ahhh! He sounds so serious.
  • Okay that was a brief serious moment. HJ playful again and fans laughing. Haha.
  • I'm Your Man!! Whaaaaa!
  • Oh that "saranghae..." was extra loud. Hehe. Ended...such a tease ending...
  • Now it's back to talking.
  • Instrumental music playing.
  • Please!!
  • Please ended. I can hear HJ breathing heavily. ~|
  • Breakdown!!!
  • Youe Story
  • Your Story ended. Background band music now playing.
  • Please Be Nice To Me
  • Talking again.
  • Love like This!! Omo!!
  • Awwwww Love Like This ended. Would have been nice to see him perform this live!
  • He's breathing heavily while talking but our HJ is full of stamina and used to this already. Those deep diving adventures help a lot.
  • Oh my another SS501 song! Let me be the one!!
  • Instrumental music playing....
  • Audience laughing. What are you up to again HJ?
  • Fan chants!
  • Encore Let's Party
  • Do You Like That again.
  • Lucky Guy again!
  • Heavy drum beats from the band...audience singing along to Lucky Guy...
  • Lucky Guy encore ended. He said Thank You and Arigatogozaimasu. He's still talking now.
  • Another encore song. Your Story. 
  • Fans shouting Kim Hyun Joong!! Kim Hyun Joong!!
  • OMG at the loud fanchants of his name!
  • Breakdown again!
  • He said Arigato. Heavy breathing. Japanese greeting.
  • Oh my that heavy He's talking. This concert is long!! Wow.
  • Audience clapping nonstop.
  • Shouting Arigatogozaimasu!!! That's how he ended it. Audience clapping and shouting his name
  • KHJ sang a total of 24 songs today including 5 encore songs! Singing and dancing...that's tough! Concert lasted 2 hours 30 min!


credit to @MiuMiu1120
photo courtesy of @Khjlovesbuin

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