Tuesday, March 5, 2013

[Tweetbits] Kim Hyun Joong Unlimited Tour 2013 in Sapporo, Hokaido

  • Lights dimmed. Starting now!
  • HJ looks younger today...totally cute and handsome!!! Hair is not gelled up ^^
  • HJ said this is the most he'd sweated. astmosphere's great!!
  • he asked us to fold plane and when everybody was folding he said no one was listening to him speaking lol.
  • he sang I'm your Man and everyone flew plane after singing. His plane went to row 3.
  • Surprise song! Breakdown rock version... Love love love it!!! Amazing!!
  • He did not plan to sing it (BD rock version) until yesterday. He asked Alex if it can be done...and here it is. ^^
  • HJ will work for the next album after he goes back to Korea, though he does not when he release the next SLBM.
  • dancing HJ....danced thru the whole of Please. Totally suave in simple short sleeved black tee and jeans. ^^
  • his white v neck t-shirt during PBNTM was so thin. Left little to imagination. Could not concentrate even though he was dancing quite a bit.
  • HJ went around everywhere on 1st floor, during the encore. He also sang in front of me, so beautiful!!!
  • HJ performed Break Down twice, band version and dancing at the last encore though he said Yoyogi was the last.
  • he said, he ate sapporo ramen nd drank sapporo drink ystrday ^^ nd he wud again 2day. Fan shouted where? he answered... in the hotel lol!
  • we felt he didn't cry when he sang Your Story. just sweated too much he's happy more than sad
  • HJ joked ; heard that due to the climate, Sapporo people are not proactive. You hv to prove. it is not true.
  • As a singer, he's been dreaming to sing with band & orchestra,. Another dream is to collaborate with band & dancers.
  • When he said that dancers were back to Korea, fans reaction was a disappointing one. He got hero use ant Artmatic.
  • 2day, there ws mini stage n front f main stage. HJ felt it's wasted. Sed he'd come down&use it mor (to b near fans) depndng n fans' respnse.
  • HJ said he'd made one of his dreams come thru, when the dance team and band performed in a concert together with him
  • The HJ said that the dance team had returned to Korea
  • The fans sighed aloud with the news that the dancers had left HJ responded... am I not enough for you lol!
  • HJ asked us . You guys came to see me, right? You are not satisfied with me?
  • As you guys are not satisfied with me alone, Iwi bring band, orchestra & dancers next time.
  • If I sing this song , you will like me more, then he sang Marry Me
  • You guys look a bit cold. People tend to love those who are cold, but it is likely that you contine to be cold till the end ....
  • But you should not do so. He seem to have mentioned abt his past love story? If you are not tender sometimes, you may loose your love!
  • Concert ended. :)
  • HJ just left


tweets update from: @lafone0606 / @501wangja / @loving_khj
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