Tuesday, March 5, 2013

[Vid + Translation] Kim Hyun Joong on tvN Enews 'Star Life Secret'


LWH - HyunJoong's scuba diving instructor.

At Gag Tour's scuba diving center..

PD: We heard that this is the shop that Kim Hyun-Joong visits?
LWH: Yeah, that's right.
LWH: Usually, we meet up once a month for scuba diving.



The reason why Kim Hyun-Joong visits the shop..it's a small & neat & discrete place.
So he who does scuba diving, once hated the sea because of? 

The shark!
When he was young, he was afraid of the sharks after watching the movie 'Jaws', thus he was afraid to go to sea.
And it's still scary!


Can we trust this? 

LWH: So he started scuba diving to throw away his trauma, to overcome his 'shark phobia'. There is no shark in our country's seas, and there is no shark that will be attacking you, so you don't need to worry. 

Caption (news):

- Beware of the sharks during the summer!
- People have found sharks attacking during the summer, one after another!

KHJ: (!!) You lied to me, teacher....


LWH: (flushed) Of course there would be some rare situation that might happen, but there wasn't any case about shark attacking divers in our country, right?



When I first entered the sea it was very scary. 
What if I meet a shark? What if I got caught by the 'jaws' and eats me? That wouldn't do. 
But beneath the sea, it was so beautiful. 
As I swim across each inch of the sea, a variety of fishes greets me. 
Especially there's so many life under the sea. 
It was an impeccable experience, now I'm loving the sea! 


LWH: He didn't get much help from people yet he was able to explore under the sea by himself.

LWH: This is the advanced diving equipment that cost around 1300000KRW, and this is the equipment that Kim Hyun-Joong is using. 

As for his diving suit, it is a custom-made suit from Poland that took 60 days to complete, complementing the needs for Kim Hyun-Joong, and it costs around 4000000KRW. 

For the complete diving set that Kim Hyun-Joong is using, ensuring his safety and the best quality, the total cost would be around 17,000,000KRW, excluding the training fees which is around 3000000KRW. 

LWH: Without Kim Hyun-Joong knowing about this, we are actually preparing him when he meets the shark someday. If possible, we would like him to meet with the sharks probably in between March or April.


by cozy jj
translated by @5StarsAs1
translation courtesy of @minminfanatic 

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