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[Info] Kim Hyun Joong 2013 Comeback Details ( Streaming , Voting , Tutorials , etc.)

Thankyou so much @5StarsAs1 for sharing this! Let's unite and give it all to our dear Leader's comeback!! FIGTHING!!!


The news is out! Kim HyunJoong's 2013 Korean comeback will fall on July 22nd with his third album entitled ROUND 3 Henecians are now very excited to support his upcoming comeback like purchasing his album, streamings, voting and of course, showing your never-dying love for our beloved star, Kim HyunJoong. But beware, <Round 3> won't be an easy round for us, so 옛날처럼 (Just like before), let's prepare to be <Unbreakable> and create another our wonderful story of ours ^^
To all Henecians, be familiarized with the following, prepare and get ready to write 'Your Story' ^^~

Digital streaming accounts:

- 5 IDs can be created per email account
- To sign up, use Google Chrome, click on 일반회원가입 > check all boxes > translate page to English > and complete the registration process

 Translate page to English using Google Chrome during registration process.

NOTE: Since Melon and Mnet requires Korean SSN or phone number for verification process before we can make our download or purchase the streaming/download passes, it has limit ways for international fans to boost up the digital sales.

Thus, if you would like, you can donate your IDs or passwords to to top-up your account for streaming. Of course, your donation will be required as well. You can also join the streaming team if your time allows. If you are interested, please drop an email to for further information.

For IDs and passwords collected, it will be compiled to for streaming teams only.
---More details to be updated---

Korean search engines accounts:

Smartphone/tablet apps to download:

SOTY (for Inkigayo):

PC apps to download:

Subscribe to:

*~ denotes area where I-fans are able to help to boost the score

1) MBC Show Champion (every Wednesday, 1800pm KST)
  • 60% - Digital sales 
  • 15% - Album sales (Hanteo, Synnara)
  • **10% - Netizens votes via Melon
  • 10% - Experts' evaluation

** Tutorial on how to vote for Kim HyunJoong on MBC Music Show Champion
1) Go to to login. 
2) Upon login, click on this direct link to MBC Music Show Champion voting site, follow the steps [HERE]

2) MNet Countdown (every Thursday, 1800pm KST)
  • 50% - Digital single sales (Melon, Soribada, Mnet, Bugs)
  • 20% - Stage preference - for songs performed on M!Countdown
  • 10% - Album sales (Hanteo, Synnara, Hot tracks)
  • 10% - Live show preference
  •  5% - Global fan votes (vote here every Friday 2300pm - Monday 0900am KST )
  • **~ 5% - SMS voting (for top 3 artists of the week & during LIVE BROADCAST's GIVEN TIME FRAME )

** How to vote?
Key in 김현중 to +822566 or +00822566. 200KRW for every text message + international charges. 
For free text messaging, you can consider this app: [iTunes] [Android] - only available in US contigents

3) KBS Music Bank (every Friday, 1810pm KST)
  • 65% - Digital charts (Soribada, Mnet, Melon, Bugs, Dosirak,including mobile sales from Nate)
  • 20% - Broadcast time @ KBS Channel
  • 10% - Viewer's preference (via voting in KBS research site but sadly I-fans could not help much on this
  • 5% - Album sales (Hanteo, Synnara, Hottracks)

4) MBC Show! Music Core (every Saturday, 1600pm KST)
  •  40% - Physical (Synnara, Hottracks) & Digital Sales (Melon, Mnet, Soribada, Naver, Bugs, Olleh, Daum, Nate)
  • **25% - Live voting (only for the 1st place nominees & during LIVE BROADCAST's GIVEN TIME FRAME)
  • 20% - Viewer's preference
  • 20% - Pre-voting by judges
  • 15% - Music video viewcounts (Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Youtube)

** How to vote?
Key in 김현중, [another artist's hangeul name] to +820505 or +00820505
For free text messaging, you can consider this app: [iTunes] [Android] - only available in US contigents

  1.  Only one vote count per cell phone number.
  2. You must vote for TWO DIFFERENT ARTISTS, separating their Hangeul names in commas (,). Without voting for two different artists, your count is deemed invalid. 

**IMPORTANT: Please read - [LINK]

5) SBS INKIGAYO (every Sunday, 1530pm KST)
  • 60% - Digital sales points (Gaon Digital Charts)
  • ** 35% - SNS points (YouTube views & Twitter mention provided by Gaon Charts)
  • ** 5% - Advance Viewers Vote Points (vote via SOTY: [iTunes], [Android],)
  • 10% - Live SMS Voting (for top 3 artists of the week; determines the winner of the week)

1) ** SOTY [TUTORIAL] - vote opens every Sunday 2400am - Saturday 1200pm KST
2) **35% SNS points guide
  • 40% - Youtube (70% view counts on OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL, 20% comments, 10% like
  • 25% - Twitter (40% search, 30% mentions, 30% retweet) - 김현중, [song title]
  • 20% - Me2Day (50% search, 30% comments, 20% like) - 김현중, [song title]
  • 15% - Facebook (35% comment, 35% share, 20% like, 10% poke) 

P/S: To increase Youtube viewing counts:

Do not use looping/auto-refresh program. Manual refresh instead.
Only viewcounts from official youtube account will be counted
Use different viewing channels such as smartphones, desktop, laptops, iPad, etc)
Watch the MV from the start to the end
Make a playlist


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