Wednesday, July 24, 2013

[Notice] Henecians Participation for Kim Hyun Joong’s 김현중 ‘Round 3′ Pre-Recording

★ For International Henecia who are going to fly for Korea to participate in the pre-recording or Live show, please check this out. 

1. Check the notice about the pre-recording for the week
2. When you go to the TV station on the time acco. to the notice, please form two rows and stand by in lines
3. Henecia staff will check the final number of people and hold a lottery.
4. You will pick a no. from the box (1 no. per 1 person)
5. The no. will be the no. of entrance. You will enter on time with two rows.
6. If you come to the site after Henecia staff arrive, you still have a chance to get a no. by the order of arrival after the lottery for the people who come earlier.

1. check the notice about ‘the pre-recording and live show for the week’ on every Wed 12 pm.
2. email with this form (1 ticket per 1 person, 1 request email for each show)
Title : [Name of the show] Request [음악방송명]참여신청 (ie : [SBS인기가요]참여신청)
Contents :
A; Your name
B: Henecia card No.
C: Contact no.
3. The final list will be announced on Henecia notice board once notified by the TV station.
You have to check a notice between times, since it can be updated in the morning of the very day.
You will not be available to have a chance for joining consecutive 2 shows if you are not present at the venue after you have the entrance ticket.
If there are less people than no. of entrance tickets, the fans, who stand by at the site on the day, will have a chance to enter.

1. 2013 Henecia Membership Card + ID card + 2013 Official Slogan + Album/receipt for digital song at online
2. 2013 Henecia Membership Card + ID card + Album/receipt for digital song at online
3. ID card + Album/receipt for digital song at online
4. n/a


Ttranslation by: Lala, Henecia ‏@howlovelylala

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