Monday, August 12, 2013

[Article] Barefoot Friends, Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Si Yoon’s Seaside Camping

In the new episode of Barefoot Friends’s 2nd special episode of ‘My Story My Song’, Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Si Yoon drove to the seaside and had a deep conversation.

During the recording of the programme, before making their own music, Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Si Yoong drove a camping car to East Sea and were revealed to have a heart-to-heart talk.

Being a singer and actor respectively, the two friends welcomed the trip despite of their busy schedules. They talked about fun things during childhood days and the true feelings from living in the entertainment industry. Yoon Si Yoon got his inspiration from the trip and then worked passionately in his music, surprising Epik High. Kim Hyun Joong also took the time out of his schedules and prepared for a perfect stage.

Find out what Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Si Yoon prepared for ‘My Story My Song’ on Barefoot Friends’ episode on 11th August.



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