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[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Naver Star Column Interview ; "The Kid Who Dreamed to be a Scientist, Nicknamed 'A'.. and Kim Hyun Joong"

[INTERVIEW - PART 1: The kid who dreamed to be a scientist, nicknamed 'A'..and Kim Hyun Joong]

Singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong finally made his comeback after nearly 2 years. He returned with a more manly appearance with his new album 'Round 3', alongside radiating his entertainment sense in the ongoing SBS variety programme 'Barefoot Friends'.

It's not only music and variety shows, Kim Hyun Joong was also active in the acting activities. After capturing many women's hearts with his character as 'Yoon Ji-hoo sunbae' in drama 'Boys Over Flowers' back in 2009, he was also casted as the genius Baek Seung-jo in the 2010 drama 'Mischievious Kiss'. Now Kim Hyun Joong is also preparing to return to the small screen with a new project. Using his 'flower-boy' appearance to capture the women's hearts, how was it like when he was young? Let's return to Kim Hyun Joong's past along with Naver Star Column.


Hello? I am Kim Hyun Joong. It seems a long time since I have greeted everyone. Is everyone doing great? I'd never knew I'll be doing this with Naver Star Column ^^ It's a pleasure to meet everyone in such way. Taking the chance I will show you the 'celebrity Kim Hyun Joong' and also the 'human Kim Hyun Joong' side of me, so I would like to thank in advance for reading this until the end. 

The kid who dreamed of being a scientist
My dream to be a singer wasn't since I was young. Instead I dreamed to become a scientist when I was a kid. There are kids who likes to touch machines, right? I was also the same. I wanted to try dismantling the electronics at home and reassembling them again. During primary school, I was also doing pretty good in my studies. I have a strong desire to win so in order not to lose out to other kids, I gave in more effort on my studies.

As I dreamed to become a scientist when I was young, I like things that are related to science or the environment now too. Not long ago, I was interested in an episode regarding 'Mammoth Cloning' on Discovery Channel. It talked about the extraction of blood sample from the cadaver's body frozen in the ice, and the blood sample was then injected into another mammoth's body for cloning. It was really fun watching the show.

Teenager, falling in love with music
When I entered the middle-high school, I really loves music that I didn't really go to school much. Since young, it seemed that I didn't really pay much attention to dressing up myself. Even if I'm just eating the ramyeon, if I could play music, I feel contented. I've really put in a lot effort when I was in a band. It feels great to think (of those days) now too.

Those friends are now in the working society, also some who are preparing to become a school teacher. Talking about those past together was fun. We met once in 1-2 weeks recently. Friends from primary-middle-high school are still friends now, it's possible to meet up since we are living in the same neighbourhood. There are also friends who runs the chicken restaurant with me, and we always have fun there. Compared to friends who are in the entertainment industry, it seems that I have more childhood friends since they are comfortable to be around with.

Part-time worker teenager, nickname '(A)'
As of what everyone would have known, I did a lot of part-time jobs when I was young. The one that I could remember most distinctly is the one where I've worked at a family restaurant. Singer 'Bi (Rain)' was really popular at that time, so the restaurant manager gave me a nickname that surpass 'Bi', which is 'A'. I've mentioned it before in broadcast and everyone thought it was interesting.

I have learned a lot of things from my part-time jobs' experiences. People obtained skills (from jobs' experiences) but I learned ways how to treat people. Things I have learned at that time are very helpful now. I always think of how to make the customers happy, how to give them the water refill when there's not much water is left in their glasses, how to refill the pickles when not much is left in their plates even without asking - I've learned a lot of such things. During birthday parties, if there are pregant lady beside, I would ask the person beside not to lit up the firecrackers - things like that I have learned back then.

Recently I have met the restaurant owner since 11 years. He is now the manager of a Chinese restaurant haha. I knew him once we made eyes contact. He still remembers my name. He used to call me 'Hyun Joong ah' back in those days, but now he addressed me as 'Hyun Joong ssi' instead. It feels unfamiliar.

Life is just one-shot, I don't want to lead a boring life
Although I have done a lot of part-time jobs but I have never really thought of my own business. Like what I have said above, even if I'm only just eating ramyeon, if I could do the music I like, I think it would suffice. Neither do I like to lead/overtake someone. One of the reason why I continue this career(as a singer)is that it's great how the staffs would prepare all the things in detailed. Furthermore, I can't say words that people might not like to hear, so I don't have the confidence as a boss.

For me, I am not person with the attitude of leading a boring life. Neither do I want to live a life filled with regrets. I am a person who loves to enjoy my life. Without regarding to how others are looking on you, just live your own life as it is. Due to the image I was bearing last time, I couldn't say things that I wanted to say. Leading the days like that, I felt remorseful for the past. Now that I don't want to live a life with regrets anymore, so I am doing things I wanted to do from time to time.

'Affection(情)' is a great thing
Since I am engaged in both music and acting, many people are curious whether am I closer to music, even if it's just 1% (difference). However whether is it acting or music, both have the 'win-win' effect. Previously, if I have rehearsed singing for 100th times, I can still sing it again with the same feeling after waking up. However now standing on stage, I am able to express the suitable feelings according the songs (that I'm singing). I have learned these (emotions) from my experiences as an actor. 

I met up with DSP's CEO sometimes recently, Lee Ho-yeon who lead me to my debut in the entertainment industry. His health wasn't that good, but he had been better recently. Although Eun Ji-won and Lee Hyo-ri both had left the company, I'd still missed the ex-agency. In fact, there aren't many situations where one would miss the ex-agency after moving to a new agency. However, seeing that many are reminiscing, it seems that (Lee Ho Yeon) CEO is a remarkable person. I feel that 'affection(情)' is a great thing. Sometimes, I do keep in contact with SS501 members. Very recently, Kyu Jong and I had contacted each other.

The friendship, love and work in my life
I treat the friendships between me and my friends very importantly. Friends since childhood are still very close (with me) now. Among the celebrities, I am close to JYJ's Kim Jae Joong. I have spent Christmas with Jaejoong for 2-3 years in a row, drinking together. We have even lived together for a period of time. I don't see Jaejoong as my rival. Jaejoong is straightforward and a confident person. He is totally different from people who pretends to be strong.

Although I am person who treasures the loyalty, but I do not think that 'love is more important than loyalty'. Ha ha. I will pick love no matter what. When meeting people who treasures loyalty, they would always ask, 'If you are married, who would you save (first) when your wife and friend are in trouble?'. Of course it's the wife.

But love isn't an easy thing. Because I really love my work, I would opt for work instead of love now. I can still love even if I'm already an 'old man'. But for singing or acting, I can pick up the cool roles now at my age only. So as of now, my aim is to work harder to show a better side of me to everyone.

Readers of Naver Star Column, thank you for reading until the end. In the second part, I will tell you interesting stories regarding my music and overseas activities. Please give a lot of expectation to it. Ah, and please support my new title track 'Your Story' too...^^

To, all Naver Star Column's readers

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source: hnews.naver.com
Translated by @heavenly606 

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