Wednesday, September 4, 2013

[Article] Kim Hyung Jun 김형준 Gives Hope to Fans by Sharing That SS501 Plan to Reunite One day

Kim Hyung Jun gave hope to patient fans by sharing plans for a potential SS501 reunion.

Kim Hyung Jun opened up about the special bond he has with his fellow members of SS501 and chances for a reunion in an interview. He shared, "We talk to each other. We are open about it during interviews as well. It's not difficult. But as men, time is of the essence so there are overlaps here and there. We tell each other that once we all return, we will do it all together. I meet with my members often. We meet each other more than enough and talk on the phone frequently."

"We're on a tentative hiatus but we never said that we disbanded. Whether people believe it or not, we can show them later. We want to perform on stage and hold a concert. Since our role models are Shinhwa, our goal is to last forever like them. We will reunite without any member missing. When I watch variety shows, I think to myself that we can be funny together like them."


source: allkpop
courtesy of @Segyero13MC_BYJ

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