Saturday, September 7, 2013

[Translations] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Chengdu 'Our City' Charity Event ; Explosive Reactions from Fans and Non-Fans

  • The translator told the fans last night that HJ would not be leaving via VIP and would walk slowly.
  • 'Tonight's show completely changed my views on KHJ, oppa is indeed a talent who dances & sings well~totally cool' ^^
  • He stayed til the finale! Good boy! Commendable! The original plan was for all to go on stage at the end... Even though the song played might not be understood by him, he still followed along and danced together hand in hand... not pinpointing artists who left early departure, but I think in this regard, he deserves praise! Such a good boy! Can't help but feel a bit proud... ^^
Comments from Non-Fans
  • Terrific! Will I like KHJ fr now on? So handsome! Shouted super loudly, no regrets for coming 
  • Finally know why peeps like K star, really diff feel, can't take eyes off. So muscular, fantasy to pinch him 
  •  KHJ's too handsome. Totally cute & very polite. Didn't leave but waited curtain call w staff 
  • Really only 2m away. Very handsome in person ^^ 
  • Handsome idol KHJ! Even I'm affected/KHJ is terrific! Oppa I love you! 
  • A male staff boldly hugged HJ at finale & then, men & women onstage rushed to do the same ^^


Credits: 微博: 沙沙onlyone / 微博: 张迪Tom / 微博: Dear耗子/:熊 文文文 / @爱哭的喻tt-小1 / Fr微博: precious-00,Ariel-Woo
Translations by: @illublue / @June_Chapelle 

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