Sunday, October 27, 2013

[Star of the Week] Heo Young Saeng’s 허영생 Web of Celebrity Friends

As a singer and sometimes actor, Heo Young Saeng naturally has ties to top stars in the idol and acting worlds, and we’re delving into the star’s celebrity friendships

Seo Ji Suk

Heo Young Saeng is known to be close friends with actor Seo Ji Suk and even served as the MC at the actor’s wedding.

The two stars have displayed their close friendship professionally as well, as Heo Young Saeng lent his voice to the song the actor and Lee Chung Ah composed and wrote on MBC reality show Music & Lyrics 2.

Seo Ji Suk returned the favor by making a cameo in Heo Young Saeng’s music video for The Art of Seduction.

The two stars are also on the same celebrity soccer team.


Park Ji Bin

Young actor Park Ji Bin is also known to be Heo Young Saeng’s close friend, as the two stars have been spotted at VIP screenings together frequently.

Park Ji Bin is also an avid soccer fan, and Heo Young Saeng has often tweeted about their soccer adventures.


MBLAQ’s Mir revealed he was close friends with Heo Young Saeng, when he appeared on Mnet’s Star VJ Show and chose to call up his hyung on the ‘Friendship Test’ segment of the show.

When Mir texted Heo Young Saeng to test their friendship, the quick SS501 member responded, “Why? Is this a psychology test?”

Go Ara
Heo Young Saeng boasted his close friendship with actress Go Ara when he tweeted a photo with the star back in 2012, writing “I went to the screening of Ara’s ‘Pacemaker.’ I enjoyed it!! I hope it hits the jackpot!! FIghting. This is a proof shot. Thanks for inviting me.”

Heo Young Saeng has often shown his support for the actress by appearing at her film’s screenings.

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong

Before Heo Young Saeng made his debut with SS501, he was an SM Entertainment trainee, where he met fellow trainee and current JYJ member Kim Jae Joong.

We’re not surprised by this history, however, as SM overfloweth with pretty boys.


source: Mwave

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