Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 in Asia Al Dia (Peruvian) Newspaper

Earlier this week some new photos of Kim Hyun Joong , band leader of  SS501 , were revealed . These photos were taken on the recordings of CITY CONQUEST drama , where he was a main character and was canceled months ago.

In the images we see KHJ with a new look and manly look . On the other hand he looks very thoughtful and a little worried at times.
CITY CONQUEST's plot was about Baek Mir ( KHJ ) , who grew up blaming his father and himself when he was young. Since then, he will take revenge against corruption in society, who destroyed his family.
Unfortunately, the drama was canceled because of production problems and the project remained in the air.

New production
But KHJ fans won't stay with the desire to see him act, in a few days HJ , the leader of SS501, will begin recording their upcoming KBS drama , Age of feelings ( Inspiring Generation) in China. This project was the reason he had to leave the variety show BAREFOOT FRIENDS .


Translated by : @KingHJPeru 
courtesy of @DeannaHyun

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