Sunday, January 5, 2014

[Article] ‘Inspiring Generation’ Releases Teaser: A Captivating Enigma

Upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs epic drama ‘Inspiring Generation’ started to tease fans by releasing a total of 4 trailers in a span of 3 days.

The first 3 was released during the KBS Drama Awards last Tuesday night (Dec. 31)
3 different versions but same feel and style. Very captivating.

Visuals is as great as the acting especially the supporting actors. The picture is
very movie-like. Whoever watches this without any idea about this drama would think this is a new Korean movie.

In the trailers, we will see Shin Jung Tae (Kim Hyun Joong) with his wounded
face but very impressive body. For me, he really portrayed a good role of an independent fighter with his dagger look and picturesque and ragged body. Actually, I think it best suits him this kind of genre being beaten up with angry look than his flowerboy-like smile. He really can put up that killer look of a guy. We can also see him gasping for breath in the middle of the fight showing us that his character has a strong will to live.
The acting I may say has improved a lot but it’s too early to tell though. Kim Hyun Joong’s eye expression somewhat can already tell a story unlike from his previous works. Like I said, it works good on him when he’s playing a bad boy look. The only thing KHJ has too look after is his gaze. Sometimes his gaze becomes blank so its hard to tell if he’s sad or shocked or happy.
Kim Ok Ryeon played by Jin Se Yeon so far is giving me a hard time to absorb her character. From the trailers, the only emotion we can see is when Jung Tae was trapped by samurai villains in a club led by Gaya. Ok Ryeon looked so worried but we’re not sure why. A cliff hanger for the fans.

Is she worried because Gaya might kill Jung Tae or is she worried because her rival in love re-appears?

Dekuchi Gaya played by Lim Soo Hyang showed us the beauty of a Yakuza girl.

Her elegance and beauty can light up a whole building but you can also feel terror inside her. Her character also showed that woman can do what man can do. Girl power it is. It’s not usual for an action drama to have a woman villain so she has to put extra effort on this one but judging from the trailers, she’s doing a very good job. No question asked that the supporting actors did a very well job. Kim Kab Soo always is brilliant as ever. Even Jo dong Hyuk and Jung Ho Bin are superb. I have no worries to the supporting casts, I think they will be the backbone of this drama.


source: sunnysideitup

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