Sunday, January 5, 2014

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong’s gentlemanly ways mesmerizes children in Shanghai

The production team for upcoming KBS 2TV drama ‘Inspiring Generation’ has recently released photos of Choi Il Hwa, Jeong Ho Bin, and Kim Hyun Joong posing with children in Shanghai.

Choi Il Hwa, Jeong Ho Bin, and Kim Hyun Joong recently filmed scenes at Shanghai Film Park, and they shared biscuits and took photos with Chinese children in between breaks during filming.

The trio filmed their first meeting in the drama on December 23rd. As they waited for filming staff to prepare the props, two Chinese girls came up to them to say hello. The translator then revealed that the girls wanted to take photos with them. The trio obliged without a word, and Jeong Ho Bin even gave them biscuits for their bravery. The girls then said they wanted to eat the biscuits together with them, and Kim Hyun Joong looked really happy just looking at them. The five then had the biscuits together, and shared an unlikely friendship.

Kim Hyun Joong and the two veterans have often showed their liking for children on the set, and thus they had a benevolent smile on their faces when the two girls approached them. They posed candidly for the camera with the two girls, and many fans who were at the set took the chance to take photos as well. The incessant flash lights from the cameras, however left the two girls feeling uncomfortable at the sudden attention.

One staff who saw the jovial looking scene said, “If this goes on, will an offer to film a biscuit commercial in China come along?” to which Choi Il Hwa said, “Biscuit commercial? I think only the two (Kim Hyun Joong, Jeong Ho Bin) lanky people can do it,” which created much laughter.

After getting their wish fulfilled, the two girls then said, “See you again,” before leaving. Despite their busy schedules, the trio still showed their gentlemanly ways in fulfilling their fans’ wishes.

‘Inspiring Generation’ is a mega budget action drama that depicts the friendships, love and patriotism of young people from China, Japan, and Korea in 1930s Shanghai, China. It is a brand new style of drama that meshes romance with triads. The drama will succeed ‘Bel Ami’ and begin broadcast from January 15th through KBS 2TV.


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