Thursday, January 9, 2014

[Translated] Kim Hyun Joong Drama Inspiring Generation Press Conference

PD: Kim Hyun Joong is very manly and with a macho character. He never do anything too mushy. Whenever he speaks/try his lines, he did it with a manly charisma/voice. So I thought ‘He must be indeed a true real man.’ And his abs are great too!
PD: I’ve started noticing Kim Hyun Joong since SS501 days for his handsomeness and features. The character of SJT fits him very well. He looked a bit tense when filming other dramas previously.', and his remark made KHJ and other casts laughed too.

KHJ, ‘I’m only 29 years old. It seemed like I've learned how to be a man while filming for the drama. I’ve become more matured as I filmed ‘Inspiring Generation’ at my current age’.When asked whether is there any similarity in characters between real life and in IG, KHJ said that fights occasionally (or must have been) happened in high school before. But when fights really do happen, he was only a onlooker!

KHJ: If ‘Inspiring Generation’ viewership ratings exceeds 25%, I’m going to give a free hug session in Myeongdong since it was a big hit lately. But it might be difficult to do it in Myeongdong. So I’m going to give free hugs in Cheongdam Elementary School’


Translated by @5StarsAs1

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