Monday, February 3, 2014

[Translation] Fan Account - Kim Hyun Joong Drama Inspiring Generation Filming

① According to @pink_floccus today (on Feb 3) Kim Hyun Joong walked through (non fan) tourists' acclamation, 'you're handsome!!' (at Soon Cheon Nak-An-Eub-Sung Film

② acc2 @pink_floccus Kim Hyun Joong was walking and reading a script in the dark when he went to the men's room

③ According to @pink_floccus, when she said she would expect the kiss scene, HJ was noding his head.
She asked "how much? should expect a lot?" then HJ just strongly shook his head.
So she was wondering if he wanted her to expect or not.
or should just expect 'a bit'? lol

④ According to @pink_floccus, while arriving at the film set in Nak-An-Eub-Sung in Soon Cheon, Hyun Joong was sleeping but looked very uncomfortable.
His manager helped lift HJ's head upright, holding HJ's jaw. @pink_floccus expected HJ's manager just shook HJ out of sleep as usually guys did each other, instead of hold

⑤ According to @pink_floccus, as soon as Hyun Joong awoke from a sleep, he got out of the car, having a chocolate and chewing it.
While waking up to the film set, the codi noona fed him, saying "eat one more!" lol Just like a mom who follows her son b4 the morning school run.


credit: @pink_floccus
translations by @howlovelala

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