Monday, February 3, 2014

[Preview] Kim Hyun Joong Drama Inspiring Generation Episode 7 Teaser


Coming out alive after cornered in a bloody fight from Dokku's trap, Jung Tae heads to his promised meeting place with Ok Ryeon.
When taking care of Jung Tae, Ok Ryeon hears Jung Tae mentions Gaya's name in his sleep, and she has a hunch that Gaya was the one behind this. Ok Ryeon goes to meet Gaya and asks her not to hurt Jung Tae anymore.

Hearing the news about Jung Tae, Bool Gom gets mad at Dokku's cowardly act and makes Dokku kneel in front of Poong Cha and Jung Tae...


source: KBSdrama
Translated by: @TheAlienPrinceKHJ

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