Sunday, March 23, 2014

[Article] The Debut Of Doubles: Jackie Chan's New Group JJCC Follows The Path Of SS501, Double K, And AA

[Excerpt about SS501 article only]

Known as 'Double S' or 'Double S Five Oh One' depending on who is introducing the group, SS501 debuted in 2005. The group is no longer under the same management and some of the members are in the army, but the group was one of the most popular groups in Korea for quite some time.

Even now, SS501's fanclub Triple S is very popular and it's easy to find SS501 paraphernalia and CDs, primarily thanks to the popularity of Kim Hyun Joong. Kim Hyun Joong, the leader of SS501, shot to stardom because of his role in Boys Over Flowers. The group's songs became immensely more popular after Boys Over Flowers aired, and they continued being popular until 2010 when SS501 went on hiatus.

SS501's 'Because I'm Stupid' is still often played in Korean cafes, thanks to its popularity from Boys Over Flowers, but 'Love Ya' was the last song that SS501 won an award for.

watch here -----> SS501 Love Ya Official MV


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