Tuesday, May 13, 2014

[Article] Kim Hyung Jun Becomes TV Star with ‘Melody of Love’

Top rated TV series ‘Melody of Song’, also known as ‘Love Rides the Song’, is drawing a lot attention these days.Kim Hyung Jun from SS501 who also stars in the drama is gaining popularity as well.

KBS 1TV’s ‘Melody of Love’ is a story of three families that realize how precious their families are after hurting others and regretting that. The TV series deals with the passions and dreams of the young people who work at a musical company.

Kim Dasom of Sistar, Baek Sung-hyun, Hwang Sun-hee and Kim Hyung Jun are the young couples in the drama. Kim Hyung Jun’s work is especially remarkable. He has born again as a successful actor from a boy-band member.

How will they settle the conflict between Gong Soo-im (Hwang Sun-hee) and her mother in law?

Tae-kyoung is always generous to others but very strict to himself and a perfectionist. But he is a romantic guy when in love. Han Tae-kyoung suffered a vocal cords injury so he had to give his dream to become a play actor. He is now a famous musical producer who only produces original plays.

Kim Hyung-jun starred in KBS’s ‘Glowing She’, SBS Plus’s ‘I Love You’ and MBC’s ‘Pots of Gold’. He is becoming a proper actor. ‘Melody of Love’ will be remembered as his successful drama.

The viewers are highly interested in how Han Tae-kyung and Gong Soo-im will settle the conflicts over them and have a happy ending.

‘Melody of Love’, which records 30% of ratings, will end with the 152nd episode.


source:  www.getitk.com
Written by Han Jihee, 
Photography by KBS, Translated by Lee Sarah

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