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[Rough Translation] Kim Hyun Joong on Take You To The Stars Interview

Jiangsu Satellite TV Program 〈带你看星星〉 on 9 May 2014 – Rough translation of the questions asked to HJ during the program (Part 1)

Q1. Why did you choose to participate in Inspiring Generation?
  • HJ: In previous dramas like Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss, I had always presented a flower boy and gentle image. But this time I would like to present a more manly image so I chose the drama Inspiring Generation which would allow me to take on new acting challenges as well as present a brand new image to the viewers.
Q2. Since the character Shin Jung Tae had alot of fighting scenes, the MC asked HJ if he had learnt martial arts before.
  • HJ: While he has not learnt martial arts per se, given he is a singer he found it easier (compared to others) to learn the fighting movements. More importantly to HJ, he would try to infuse the right emotions in the fight/ blow of the fighting scene. Hence, it was not too difficult for him to do the fighting scenes.
Q3: Since there’s many fighting scenes in IG, female MC asked HJ if he had suffered any injuries.

  • HJ: HJ mentioned that there were minor injuries and bruises (and raise his two hands to show the scars/ wounds) but he acknowledged these scars/wounds as “honorary medals”.
Q4: Female MC asked when he ‘suffered’ those injuries while filming a drama, would he have thought that it would be easier being a singer instead.

  • HJ: Frankly, acting and singing are two different/ separate fields. People tend to see only the glamorous side of each of them but each field has its own challenges and it is not easy at all. Like now when he is preparing for his new album he would be thinking about acting and would have the desire to go and act. But when he is acting, he would be thinking of becoming a singer and wanted to go and sing instead.

Q5: Female MC asked HJ how did he manage to get to play the role of Yoon Jihoo in the popular drama – Boys Over Flowers.

  • HJ: Frankly he was not very sure about it as he did not know about the manga series “Boys over Flowers”. Plus based on his personality he wouldn’t really like such manga series.

 HJ mentioned that he could not understand the character Yoon Jihoo at first as he had little similar experiences as the character. As such, he was not interested and wanted to turn down the offer as he was not confident about it (but the male MC added that others were eager to ‘snatch’ the role!!)

So in the beginning, he would spend time trying to figure out the character such as how the character Jihoo would hold his chopsticks, would he be a left-hander, etc. So he would have many thoughts about it and would do much research. But when he started acting in the drama, without him realizing it, he stopped being ‘Kim Hyun Joong’ and changed into the gentle boy in the drama. From then on, HJ realized that it was possible for him to act out such a character and he began to like acting and realized the charm/ beauty of acting.

Q6: Female MC asked HJ in real life if he was like the character Yoon Jihoo when it comes to love (that is he would protect the girl quietly and suffered in silence).

  • HJ: Nope. If it is a girl he likes, he would definitely fight to get her even if he have to fall out with his friends over her!
Q6: Female MC asked HJ given his characters in the drama are gentle and gentlemanly, what would be HJ’s ideal type in real life.

But HJ in his 4D mode asked her back if she was asking about his ideal type for man or woman!! (LOL)

  • HJ: For male friends, HJ dislikes people who are not transparent and tend to have something to hide. Be it over a fight or over drinks, he would prefer people who will trash it out and settle the matter once and for all.

As for his ideal type of woman, he mentioned that she must be able to drink well and would like him and him only.

The male MC said that given HJ’s good capacity for drinking, he would probably be able to drink all night till dawn so it would be very difficult to find such woman who could keep him company by matching up to him! But HJ mentioned that it would still be important to have the determination to try!
Note from the Translator: “Sorry if any parts of the translation seemed strange as I translated directly from the Chinese subtitles in the program.”


Tweet/Translation: MichLui ‏@Princessmich123

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