Wednesday, May 7, 2014

[Trans] SS501 Park Jung Min and TOWER RECORDS Shibuya Collaboration Projects Start Off Press Conference

TOWER RECORDS Shibuya in collaboration with today`s brightest artists, will advance together in music production, releasing CDs, by launching the project "LIVE LIVEFUL! COLLABORATION". The first phase of the said project is the collaboration work with "Park Jungmin inc." established by the SS501 member, Park Jung Min who even as a solo artist started to enjoy high popularity in Asia as well as in South America and Europe. It is determined that Park Jung Min`s mini album "Save Us Tonight" will be released on May 12th (Monday).

Prior to that, a joint press conference of TOWER RECORDS SHIBUYA x Park Jungmin inc. has been held on the 8th floor of TOWER RECORDS Shibuya, on April 25th.


"Park Jungmin inc." is an individual label produced by Park Jung Min. With Park Jung Min`s own album concept, he decided the song concept himself, and not only the Korean lyrics, even the Japanese lyrics have also been written by him. The MV for the title song "Save Us Tonight" has also been produced by him. Also, the jacket design concept and song composition have been created entirely by his own hands. 

The press conference has been attended by every news media and 100 members elected from the Official Fans Club. Park Jung Min appeared on the stage surrounded by enthusiastic cheers, waving to the fans while smilling, revealing a pure white set of teeth.
Park Jung Min who has arrived in Japan yesterday, in the past has also held Live, autograph sessions etc. at TOWER RECORDS Shibuya; because he felt that he has a deep destiny he thus sighed a great sorrow and expressed: " Since there were many fans who said that they like my singing voice, I established this label in order to have the possibility of letting my own music be well delivered at any time."

Moreover, this mini-album is a release with 4 versions (Normal Edition, First Press Limited Edition A, First Press Limited Edition B, Korean Edition). The title song "Save Us Tonight“ is ” because from the beginning of my solo activities all my songs have been powerful and sexy, so this time round I want to sing a bright and cheerful song". The cute smiling face photo on the Normal Edition`s jacket is because "I still want to take out the idol-like image before 30 years old (laughs). I still want to be seen as the young and bright Jung Min" he said jokingly with a full sense of humor.

 Also, at the press conference the sound source of "Save Us Tonight" and " あなた以外誰も抱きしめない" (Not embracing anyone other than you) and the "Save Us Tonight" MV have been revealed for the first time. After seeing this MV which brims with dance moves and has cute expressions, Park Jung Min said "When shooting, because I did cute gestures for the first time in a long time, there was a chaos in my head" , "Did you notice that I became cute today?" he smiled. Fans` reaction was also very great and raised the expectation for the new album.


Japanese to Chinese translation: 字母S @百度朴政珉吧ALLFORPJM.COM
Chinese to English translation: aeternumin

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