Tuesday, August 26, 2014

[Translation] 08/25 [trans] Kim Kyu Jong Fanmeeting “Romantic Brunch with KYU” Ticketing Information

Hello. This is B2M.

June 2012.. Kim KyuJong who left our side for awhile among the yearnings
He has returned once again to our side.
We have prepared “Romantic Brunch” with deep gratitude to fans who have not forgotten and have waited for him for 2 years.
Kim KyuJong.. you are invited to for this special and romantic event with him.

Pre-sale ticketing for ThanKYU (Fan club) is on 29-Aug (Fri) at 8pm and normal ticketing starts on 1-Sep (Mon) at 8pm.

[Event Summary]

Event Date/Time: 27-Sep-2014 (Sat), 6pm
Event venue: Whitecap Art Center White Hall
Ticket price: 44,000 won (includes VAT)
Planning/Host company: B2M ENTERTAINMERNT, KSTARnet
Production company: CompanyZ
Pre-sale ticketing period: Open for fan club members on 29-Aug-2014 (Fri) at 8pm. (*fan club member confirmation period is from 27-Aug (Wed) at 2pm onwards)
Normal ticketing opens on 1-Sep-2014 (Mon) at 8pm.
Ticketing website: YES24 concert http://ticket.yes24.com
Ticketing enquiries: YES24 concert 1544-6399


Credits : Kyu-Jong.com 
 English Translation: xiaochu @ Quainte501.com  & sgnoonas.wordpress.com

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