Tuesday, September 9, 2014

[Translation] The Beautiful Times of Kim Hyun Joong and Me: Flowerboy’s 4D Soul (Part 2)

[Part 2] The beautiful times of Kim Hyun Joong and me: 〈Flowerboy’s 4D soul〉

Thinking back about the first encounter at work with Kim Hyun Joong, frankly speaking~ it was a memory of ‘mixed feelings’. Maybe everyone won’t believe it but the first time when I interviewed Kim Hyun Joong, I really had the ‘cold sweat pouring down’ or even ‘soul scattering off’ type of feeling. It’s not because I was too nervous, but it was this gentleman being ‘too involved’ (very involved in the interview)!

That was SS501’s first time to Taiwan, also the first artiste that TRENDY personally interviewed since first publication. In order to play a dutiful host, during the interview we almost moved a fruit stall, drink stall and a whole minimart over. Starting from bubble milk tea, each time I took out something all other members will cheer and fighting to try it out, then they will respond with a very satisfying look and wide smiles and kept saying it’s very delicious. Only Hyun Joong whom just quietly look on and occasionally nod his head slightly, I even suspect the person in front of me actually is not Kim Hyun Joong but [Jihoo sunbae], and is the one who is having bad mood! As I take out more tidbits my cold sweat also rain down profusely, because Jihoo sunbae~ no~ is Hyun Joong still has no expressions, until when I’m left with last two pieces of [treasure] and at the verge of my soul going to leave my body, with no more hope I took out a packet of cod fish snack, surprisingly at the next moment….[Jihoo sunbae] suddenly ‘left’….and Kim Hyun Joong is back! He suddenly flashed a brilliant smile, took the cod fish snack from my hand, and after keeping quiet for half the time, he finally started talking! Although his first sentence was: “Oh~ I ate this before, it’s very yummy, I like it.” Next up, not only just expressions and smiles, even his [4D soul] is all back! During the interview that day, he acted out a very classic [Sorrowful Backview], causing everyone at the film set roaring with laughter. That’s also my first time personally witnessing his 4D soul.

As the number of times I have contact with Kim Hyun Joong increases, slowly I realised that his 4Dness is not nonsensical or that he got a weird character, but coming from his [sincerity]. Because he is very [sincere] towards everything, thus naturally he replies with what comes in mind, without polishing nor beat around the bush. And because of [sincerity] thus very often when he is thinking about something, he will be immersed in his own universe (dazed out) and forgot to come out of it, when he remembers he need to come out of it, everyone has already moved into the next part already!

But it’s also because of his [sincerity] that we can see Kim Hyun Joong transform from [Jihoo sunbae] who had deep affection to become God of Battle [Shin Jung Tae]. His music is also multi-genre and diverse, a very manly 〈Break Down〉, 〈Unbreakable〉 to yuppie style 〈Lucky Guy〉, 〈Beauty Beauty〉 and fast melody 〈KISS KISS〉, 〈Let’s Party〉, 〈Gentleman〉 and even affectionate ones like 〈Please〉, 〈Your Story〉, 〈I’m Your Man〉……

If I’m to pick one genre that’s closest to the real Kim Hyun Joong? My answer is, every genre is the real him. If you think that all these multi-genre styles are enough to satisfy him? Actually not, everyone can listen to his latest mini album’s 〈His Habit〉 which is a collaboration with Lim Kim and Kanto, maybe then you’ll understand what I’ve said.

As for the 4D encounters that I’ve witnessed personally over the years, I’m afraid it would take thousand and one night for me to tell you. But there’s one which I’ve said quite a few times and I can’t make out whether to cry or to laugh, and that is [bubble milk tea]. It was two years after Mr Uzoosin’s first trip to Taiwan, and it was in front of me when he surprisingly discovered that bubble milk tea is not coffee but red tea with milk……only then that he started to fall in love with this Taiwan signature drink. Thereafter in one occasion, as he was drinking bubble milk tea and sharing with me that during the time when he had just finished filming [Boys Over Flowers], it took him a period of time to break away from the character. At that point of time I gave a resentful look~ I really can comprehend and told him that during the first time I interviewed him, how my soul almost flew away and in the end he……burst into laughter!

Ok! Even if he continues to be 4D till age of 80 and become 4D grandpa, I think everyone will still love him!

Touch your left chest and say, isn’t it so?


Article Courtesy by Warner Taiwan 
English Translation:  kelemama.wordpress.com

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  1. He is unbelievably lovely and if he says " I love you". He really does. I always believe him and never give up. Be With him, feel the life and love