Wednesday, April 10, 2013

[Fan Account 1] Kim Hyun Joong SBS Barefoot Friends Filming in Vietnam

I just summarize the main point with HyunJoong.

  • Do you remember the old lady with leaf-cone hat that waiting for Hyun Joong at TSN airport.
  • Just glad to know that she loved HJ since 2009. Thanks to Hyun Joong, she overcame her hard time at work and life. She had the optimistic point of view and felt that life was much happier and brighter since the moment she knew Hyun Joong. 
  • She is up-to-date with Hyun Joong’s latest news and info.
  • She event followed Hyun Joong to Mui Ne.
    • < Woa Our HyunJoong really had “SMILE POWER”>
  • 12h25…on the right gate, some Henecian screamed when they saw a quick glance of Hyun Joong. The situation was in chaos. Was it dangerous for him going through normal gate.????
  • Really dangerous for him…
    • < U guys can see the situation in the 4th April fancam>
  • Going through the overexcited surrounding like this, Hyun Joong seemed to be frightened and smile faded on his face. With the help of bodyguards, finally he got on the car safely. He sat at the back seat and closed the curtain.
  • At the cafeteria of domestic station, with the perfect zoom function of the camera, we could see the rooftop of C.T Plaze where HyunJoong was filming. Someone with a Blue Áo dài and a hat was moving side by side, *Vietnamese traditional dress with two tunics*. That was our Hyun Joong. He was shooting for the first game called “Đá cầu” to select the destination between Hue and Mui Ne.
  • Feeling sad to see him in the extremely hot temperature like this.
  • As last Hyun Joong’s team lost so that they had to go to Mui ne at 6pm.
  • Before going for the next destination, The crew stopped at a Korean restaurant for lunch or dinner.
  • After the good meal, HyunJoong’s mood was better, he even smiled and waved to fan.
  • < U can see the pictures taken on the car and the expression of UEE when seeing his sitting gesture. lol > 
  • We decided to go to Mui Ne first and searched for his shooting info later. Just went to Mũi Né !
  • Because we know that HyunJoong wouldn’t want his fan to be in dangerous stalking him.
  • Due to the secret info from the interpreter * niece of Big Fan* we knew where HyunJoong would stay. The crew arrived Phan Thiet at around mid-night. After a short rest, they continued the filming at 4~5 am.
  • The shooting place: Mui Ne sand dune * 30 kilometers from Phan Thiet city*
  • We rested at Big Fan’s house.
  • End the 1st day.
  • 5th April
  • Some information we got from the cute interpreter.
  • “They will shoot the sun rise view there.
  • HJ will sell seafood in the small market there. Can u disguise as local to buy the seafood for him, Be careful, don’t let out you are his fan or his mission fails. He will get the punish and no lunch T-T”
  • 5:00 am we arrived the sand dune with casual outfit * not Henecia VN uniform* the staffs were coming. HyunJoong’s car didn’t arrive yet.
  • 5:30 2nd car came. That was KHD and Uee…oh, HyunJoong was with them too.
  • Few minutes later, all got out of the car. HyunJoong, UEE and Kang Ho Dong’ eyes were covered with blindfold ( look like Blind man’s bluff game). They held other hands and headed to the dune calmly and carefully.
  • He was wearing Discovery sponsors clothes together with Tai bèo hat.
  • We observed them from the long distance because we were afraid that the staffs could recognize us and change the script.
  • His shade faded in the sand dune.
  • Now his eyes were uncovered. They had a running competition on sand dune. Who ran to the destination first would be the winner. At first HyunJoong tried his best to run. About the last 0.5 meters to the destination, HyunJoong seemed to be exhausted and stayed still, no move a bit. KHD and UEE passed over him and reached there first. HyunJoong was the last. He lost his sense for a bit…. < You are really something HyunJoong-ah, poor u>
  • Their eyes were cover again. He was holding Uee’s hand ( ahhh jealous)
  • When his eyes were free, he looked around seeking for the “ fighting sound” that he just heard.
    • < You look like a talkative boy HyunJoong ah~>
  • They finished the filming and moved to the other place.


Credit: Henecia Vietnam
Engtrans: irendy_tm @ Twitter.

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