Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[News] 金贤重阔别3年重返荧幕 Kim Hyun Joong Returning to Small Screen After 3 Years



此外,金贤重为新专辑《ROUND 3》大秀“蝴蝶肌”吸睛。他勤练背肌、操出蝴蝶形状,让网友直呼:“超有男人味!”

Since [Playful Kiss] in 2010, it's been 3 years Kim Hyun Joong has no new drama works, previously he participated in the filming of [City Conquest] originated from a comic, but he stopped the filming halfway through as the broadcasting station denied airtime for the drama.

Kim Hyun Joong's agency expressed that Kim Hyun Joong is more cautious in selecting his work this time due to the bad experience that happened to the previous work, it's known that he will be coming back to the small screen soon with [감격시대] from KBS.

[감격시대] is about patriotic (Korean) youths fighting Japanese warriors to restore their homeland with Shanghai as the background. Kim Hyun Joong is cast as Shin Jeong-Tae, a popular fighter in Shanghai.

Besides, Kim Hyun Joong is drawing all eyes on him as flashes his trapezius muscle for his upcoming new album [ROUND 3]. He trained hard on his trapezius muscle, working out a shape that resembles butterfly, it got netizens awing "So manly!"


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