Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[Article] SBS Barefoot Friends Ratings Went Up for Episode 11

At last! The team’s time and best effort they exerted for this show has finally recognized. Living the normal life and meeting new people in a new place, I feel happy for them. Though the ratings of 7% are not the ideal rating for AGB Nielsen, I must say that from 2.9% to 7%, they had a job well done.

Exploring the cultural heritage and natural environment of countries outside their birth land the members successfully discovered for themselves how to become an ordinary people having ordinary life. They learned to become humble and feel what the real happiness is, eating their food, working in Gendong work, sweating all over to earn a living. This is something that high ranking rating couldn’t match.

Kim Hyun Joong said “This makes me realized not to complain for what I have now and where I am now.” They live like locals and experience what a day in their life is .Each of them learned their self worth. For eleven episodes, they have suffered very low rate at 2.9% but was able to reached the highest rate for surviving on their own.

We as viewers also realized the value of life. The show is just an ordinary game show but for me as I have watched from the start, I realized this is not just an ordinary game show, because of the value it has taught to each members and viewers like me as well. Seeing our sarang Kim Hyun Joong in so much pain due to gendong and high fever, pinched my heart to its deepest vein, but after that I realized how happy I am for him to survived 11 episodes of challenges and struggles. The last episodes will still be in diving scene, and made me more proud of him trying to dive without his complete course for diving. It was all his courage to do it.

As the last episode on Sunday (if I am not mistaken), I really want to congratulate all the team for making us proud for their achievement, it may be too ordinary for others but for each of them, this show gave their viewers an enlightened what is the real world and how to face the struggle in life. For this Chukaye to all of you!!!

And of course, to our sarang, who got a darker skin now, Kim Hyun Joong nim, it was a job well done!!!! So proud of you! saranghe!


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