Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[News] Jay Park and Dok2 Participate in Kim Hyun Joong’s Upcoming Album

With a new Korean album in store after two years, Kim Hyun Joong decided to pay special attention to it, having Jay Park and Dok2 participate in the making.

According to KeyEast on July 10, Jay Park worked on the song Unbreakable, helping in the writing of the rap lyrics as well as featuring in the song.

Dok2, on the other hand, worked on the new title song, Your Story, adding in fitting lyrics to the urban R&B song. He will also be rapping.

KeyEast stated that with the featuring of the two talented rappers will help create close to perfect songs for Kim Hyun Joong’s new album.

The album, Round 3 will be released on July 22. 


Photo Credit: KeyEast
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