Friday, August 16, 2013

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Says He Sighs at His Looks

Kim Hyun Joong reveals he sighs whenever he looks into the mirror without his makeup on.

The singer appeared in the August 15 broadcast of KBS2′s Happy Together 3 for its flower boy special.

When the MCs asked him when he thinks he looks most handsome, he answered, "When I have all my makeup on."

He added that the makeup covers up what he thinks is his biggest flaw, the dark circles under his eyes.

"I sigh whenever I see my bare face," he said. "The dark circles have taken over."

MC Park Mi Sun, however, still had praise to say for the singer′s looks, as she said, "But you don′t have much makeup on now. Your dark circles add to your mood. I kept staring at you out of all the guests because I was so surprised [at your looks]."

She also said, "People ask me who looks most handsome in person. I choose Kim Hyun Joong out of all the men I′ve met."


Photo credit: KBS2

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