Sunday, December 15, 2013

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong New Drama Inspiring Generation Received Ample Support from FanClub

It was a very cold and snowy whether last Dec 12, 2013, but Kim Hyun Joong continuously shooting without any hesitation. The cold and snowy wheather did not stop the fans to be at the shooting location that day at Incheon Moodaemadang Studio. It was very cold with heavy snow that day. The love of his fans for Kim Hyun Joong is nothing to compare. I have also some FB friends from Thailand, Hongkong are there at SK just to be with him while shooting. A true love that no amount of money can buy.

The Mic club even sent food cart of support to Kim Hyun Joong Inspiring Generation. What a warm blanket to cover the snowy and very cold whether on that day. you can see on the photo the food cart of support from the Mic club

Also, i read some report from fans site @pink_floccus HJ’s manager gave out hot packs to fans. When fans said ‘thank you’ to HJ, HJ gave them a shy smile.
Fans were waiting for HJ to get out from the car but only his manager got out with a lot of hot packs and hesitantly approached fans to give them out. However he had to go back to the car bring more.

Thanks fans for supporting HJ in this cold weather and sharing precious memory

Photos taken on the day of snowy and cold whether at Incheon shooting location

Kim Hyun Joong fans from all over the world can’t stop to show their love and support by making their original wonderful fanart, Kim Hyun Joong nim, what do you think of this lovely fan art, can you feel the same warm as your coffee?

fan art from Kim Hyun Joong Henecia Bulgaria the ever loyal fan club represents by Nevelina Qneva , one of the best henecians.


photo credits to MiClub
article source by hyunlina /

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