Sunday, December 15, 2013

[Article] Ray&Mo Promotes Drama ‘Inspiring Generation’: A Favorable Response

Drama IA is off for a good start as the producers went to Singapore to do their job on selling the drama and it did paid off.

Drama production Ray&Mo went to Singapore last 11th to attend the largest entertainment market ‘Aisa TV Forum & Market’ trading event where various
platrform operators from Asia gathers to trade and exchange informations about their products. The event was attended by 4000 people from 60 countries across Asia.
Turned out Kim Hyun Joong’s hallyu power boosts the drama’s reputation as it was able to seal copyright to countries like United States and Thailand.
Not just that, several countries in Asia also showed interest towards drama as Ray&Mo received love calls for the copyright and the production
is currently under negotitaion for this.

This could be a very good prediction that the production will get huge kick-back from their big amount investments for this drama. Afterwhich, if successful, Ray&Mo will then start to produce more dramas in the future thanks to Kim Hyun Joong and ‘Inspiring Generation’ staff and crews.

Now that Ray&Mo is in the middle of getting their job well done and the casts are doing pretty well on promoting the drama, the only thing we should worry about is the script and execution. We are still a month away to know the answer.

Will ‘Inspiring Generation’ be a hit or miss?



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