Saturday, February 1, 2014

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong the Man Behind Scars, Bruises and Bloody Face

When I first saw the punching and kicking and bloody face of Kim Hyun Joong , i was in a shocked condition. The episode 5 and 6 made me cry because i pity him. How could they punch and kick such an angelic face. I have told my friend, the make up made him so old and dark skin tone. Is this Kim Hyun Joong? Where is the golden smile? Oh yeah i saw a little lip movement tends to smile a bit when he reads the letter from Ryeon, telling him what to do on her birthday. Everytime he is being punch I want to close my eyes and think of the angelic face I use to watch. But I dont want to miss his punches too and doing the fight scene and kick all those bad guys. He improved a lot in acting. his fight scenes made him more manly and looks matured . but when he utter words, it is still the voice that melts thousand of hearts all over the world. His voice erases all the scars, blood and bruises on his face. That’s the man behind those things. The man that we love with all our hearts, and mind, Kim Hyun Joong nim, it’s really you! acting and do fighting scene and yet warm and humble man !

keep up the good work. More exciting episodes to come! Way to go!



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