Saturday, February 1, 2014

[Translation] Park Jung Min Interview with Polish Radio AOI

What foreign languages do K-pop artists learn? Can they learn by themselves or they have to have special teachers? How it is in your situation? How many and what languages do you speak? (Even if you can just few words)
  • The foreign languages for K-pop artists mostly will choose the Japanese, Chinese and English. In my situation I learned from my work and friends. I could speak 2 languages include Japanese and Chinese, a bit of Spanish and English, oh! If you count Korean is well, there are 5 at least?

Does your fan club have a special name? If doesn’t – can you tell us/me how do you call you fans as a solo artist of course.
  • My fan club is named「KAZOKU」 which means family in Japanese, because I take my fans as my family.

Would you tell us which artist, excluding Park Jung Min, Romeo and SS501, do you respect the most?
  • I do respect them all; I cannot prefer which the most like. They are having different fascination and meaning to me.

Why did you decide to do the tour in Europe? Do you have any fears because of your European concerts?
  • I know I have a lot of fans from Europe, when I read through my twitter. I always wanted to have concerts in Europe, so I am glad that I finally could have opportunity to meet my fans here. Of cause I do feel nervous, but now it’s turn to be excited and really looking forward to it.

How do you feel about your first concert/concerts in Europe? Are there any differences between the energy of European fans and your fans from Asia? And with this knowledge, would you like to come back here after this tour?
  • I think fans around the world, they are nothing differences between; they all give me same love and supports to encourage me. I definitely would like to come back again after this tour.

Have you ever heard about Poland? What do you know about this country?
  • Yes, I have heard about Poland, but not much knowledge about this country, I know many fans live there, wish I could go to visit soon in the near future.

If you can change one thing in your life, what would it be?
  • I am happy with my life, there is nothing need to be change.

And the last question – can you send some Greetings for Polish fans?
  • Happy New Year to You in Poland, I am sorry that I can’t be there this time. But I promise I will go as soon as I can, please keep support me and I love you.


credit: @SS501Poland

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