Saturday, February 1, 2014

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong Stands Up Jin Se Yeon

Kim Hyun Joong fell into a trap and was stood up by Jin Se Yeon.

On the 6th episode of KBS 2TV Wednesday/Thursday "Generation of Youth" (script Chae Seung Dae, director Kim Jung Gyu) broadcast on January 30th, Shin Jung Tae (played by Kim Hyun Joong) fell into a trap.

On this day, Shin Jung Tae felt bad that he stood up Kim Ok Ryun (played by Jin Se Yeon) on her birthday and proposed a date and a ring. On this day, as Shin Jung Tae was going to go and meet Kim Ok Ryun, there was a girl in danger.

Shin Jung Tae couldn't just pass by and the learned that a little girl as well as other little children were being sold. Shin Jung Tae wanted to keep his promise with Kim Ok Ryun but went to the storage place where the children were trapped.

However, Shin Jung Tae saw this and saw that Deguchi Kaya (played by Lim Soo Hyang) was shaking and Shin Yi Chi (played by Jo Dong Hyuk) asked Do Koo (played by Uhm Tae Goo) to make a scheme. Shin Yi Chi said to Do Koo, "Bring Shin Jung Tae to me and make him fight me."

Shin Jung Tae couldn't stop when he saw injustice and thus, Shin Yi Chi and Do Koo fell into a trap. As soon as Shin Jung Tae went into a storage closet, the door was locked and many gang members surrounded Shin Jung Tae.

Shin Jung Tae saw as his gang started to talk about his name saying, "Don't forget. It'll be a name that you can't forget."And at this moment, Kim Ok Ryun was waiting for Shin Jung Tae endlessly at the waiting place.

At this, it'll be interesting to see whether Shin Jung Tae could escape a trap or if he'll be able to meet Kim Ok Ryun who stood him up.



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