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[Article] FINALLY! SS501 Reunite at Heo Yyoung Saeng Concert

one of my TS sister from the US wrote this article in one of SS501 fan sites. Reading this made me reminisce my long years being SS501 fan... a proud Triple S! 
thanks for this wonderful article.. and to all Triple S around the world, Let's keep stop doubting and keep on believing in them.. They made their promise! Let's keep on waiting for their official comeback as one again!
SS501 and Triple S Mansae!!! 

Heo Young Saeng, lead vocalist for ss501, held his first solo concert on October 26th. The concert,2013 Heo Young Saeng Seoul Concert 0513 My Story, was also the singer’s farewell performance before he enlists in the military at the end of this month. During the concert, all 5 members of the popular singing group ss501 appeared onstage for the first time in 3 years.

Despite their long break from group activities, ss501 continues to be one of the most popular recording artists on the charts… a fact which proves both the immense popularity the group enjoyed during their peak and their fans’ enduring loyalty. When the group’s contract ended in 2010, ss501 promised their fans (Triple S) that they had not broken up and would reunite one day. Fans were finally rewarded for their patience after 3 long years.

Heo Young Saeng opened the concert with the song Let It Go. After several more songs, a video collage began to show all 5 of the ss501 members. HYS then sang a solo version of the group’s hit song Love Ya. Afterwards, he was joined onstage by ss501 leader and Hallyu prince Kim Hyun Joong. The two talented artists sang one song together, then KHJ performed his latest song Your Story.

After Young Saeng performed another ss501 hit, UR Man, he was joined by fellow members Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun. They sang a beautiful rendition of Because I’m Stupid, the popular song from the Boys Over Flowers OST. This was one of the first songs to bring them so many international fans.

The 4 members then performed the fan song Green Peas. Many people said they could hear the 5th member, Kim Kyu Jong, singing along to Green Peas offstage. This fact seems likely since he immediately joined the other 4 members onstage after the song was finished. Facing the crowd, they then said, “We are SS501!” Hearing those words and seeing the members together again brought many fans to tears.

The 5 members went on to do a short acapella rendition of In The Still of The Night, their beautiful harmony reminding fans of why they became so popular in the first place.

For many fans, the night was a dream come true! Gabby Lumbantoruan has been a fan of ss501 since 2010. She has been a faithful supporter of ss501 and has spent time organizing special projects for Triple S USA, including a 100kg rice wreath which was sent to the HYS concert. When she finally saw the pictures and videos from the ss501 reunion, she began to cry. “It’s basically a dream come true for every Triple S to see all 5 members together on stage and introduce themselves as SS501, fulfilling their promise of not being disbanded.”

Another fan stated, “5 boys are now 5 men… most importantly they are men who kept their word.” Other fans took to twitter and other social media outlets to express their happiness and tears of joy to see the members together again onstage.

With HYS entering the military on October 31st and other members soon to follow, it may be several more years before Triple S will see their beloved group together again. Perhaps Gabby sums it up best though, “It doesn’t matter how long it takes for them to come back,” she said, ”Because Triple S will be patiently waiting…”


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