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[Star of the Week] 5 Reasons Why Heo Young Saeng 허영생 is the Biggest Shinhwa Fanboy Ever

Many stars are pretty vocal about being a fan of Shinhwa, especially as a respected sunbae group, but no one is probably as loud as Heo Young Saeng.

It takes a lot for a man to be fan of a boy man group, and Heo Young Saeng must have definitely seen something in Shinhwa that caught his attention, because he certainly is not shy about proclaiming his love and respect for the first generation group.

He Debuted as a Singer Because of Lee Min Woo

He may respect all six members of Shinhwa, but only one of them really encouraged and pushed Heo Young Saeng to become the singer that he is today, and that was Lee Min Woo.

Heo Young Saeng has named Lee Min Woo as his role model on more than one occasion, even receiving jealous scowls from the other Shinhwa members.

Likewise, Lee Min Woo was very touched and proud to be named Heo Young Saeng’s role model and still remembers the time Heo Young Saeng first told him of the fact.

He Wears Orange

And not just any orange clothing.

Heo Young Saeng is famous in the Shinhwa fan community because he was once a part of Shinhwa’s official fanclub, Shinhwa Changjo. To be more specific, it’s said that he joined the fourth unit of Shinhwa Changjo back in the early 2000s.

We wonder if he still has the orange Shinhwa Changjo raincoat lying around in his closet somewhere.

He Watches Shinhwa’s Programs on TV

Not only did he have the lucky opportunity to come out on KBS’ Happy Together with his role models, Heo Young Saeng mentioned that he watches programs that Shinhwa comes on.

He grew up watching by Lee Min Woo’s charismatic performances, hoping to be a good dancer. He also told Shinhwa that he watched Shinhwa’s episode of KBS’ Win Win and was inspired.

When he gets back from the army, can Heo Young Saeng be a guest on Shinhwa Broadcast? (If it’s still on air?)

He goes to Shinhwa Concerts

Watching Shinhwa on a small screen just wasn’t cutting it for Heo Young Saeng, so he ended up going to see his sunbaenims live at their concert in August.

He tweeted on August 4 writing, “I went to go see the Shinhwa concert~~~keke. Shinhwa hyung, you are all cool!! When I get to be your age, will I be able to dance like you…? Ke. But the bigger worry is that my songs have high notes. What if I can’t hit them later on…? Keke. Be strong! Ke.”

He Hopes SS501 Will Be Like Shinhwa

As mentioned before, Heo Young Saeng watched the programs Shinhwa was on, feeling inspired and jealous of the chemistry between the members.

When he contacted the SS501 members to watch the show, it turned out all the other members were already watching the program and all feeling the same way Heo Young Saeng was feeling.

They ended up meeting up and talking about coming back as a group again Kim Dong Wan then encouraged Heo Young Saeng that they will be together one day.

Heo Young Saeng also mentioned that he hopes SS501 can be like Shinhwa, where the members don’t hold grudges against each other and clear the air when a conflict happens.

We’ll be waiting for the day SS501 reunites as five on stage!


source: mwave
Photo Credit: Online Community, KBS, B2M Entertainment, Shinhwa Company

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