Sunday, October 27, 2013

[Article] SS501 Made Fans Go Wild With Their Reunion Stage

In fans’ words ‘It’s a night to treasure and remember’. Heo Young Saeng held his 1st solo concert in Seoul on 26th October, fans from all over the world made their way to Korea to show their love and support before his enlistment. One of the biggest highlight of the show has to be when Heo Young Saeng started to sing songs from SS501′s past albums and his group members started to appear on stage one by one.

‘We have been waiting for this moment for 3 years’ says fans of SS501.

Indeed, since SS501 ended their contract with DSP, 5 members have been focusing on their solo activities. Even though the members were also at Kim Kyu Jong’s fanmeet before his enlistment, but not all 5 could appear on stage and perform together. This time, with so much anticipation from the fans, the 5 members appeared on stage together in dashing outfits and sang their songs for the first time ever in 3 years, bringing back all the memories.

“Hello, we are SS501!” – SS501 members greeted the audience.

As SS501 reunited on stage, fans at the concert were all screaming at the top of their lungs, the screams were definitely deafening as one can imagine with all the excitements after waiting for this stage for such a long time.

SS501 members singing ‘Green Peas’ – A song for Triple S

This reunion stage has definitely given hopes and reassurance to fans that SS501 will comeback as 5 again.


article source: babyvfan/
Video Source : IloveHyun Triples
Photo source : hyungjun87@twitter

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