Sunday, October 27, 2013

[Translation] Heo Young Saeng 허영생 1st Concert in Seoul ; SS501 Reunion Talk Time


Young Saeng: Suddenly at a lost to how to continue, very warm… ah… really… really very thankful to everyone who came, especially when everyone has their own schedule. Hyun Joong has his drama, Hyun Jun too, Jung Min is preparing for his musical, especially Kyu Jong, who is serving his military duties at JeonJu. Really very precious times.

Jung Min: Although everyone is working very hard at different areas, but thinking that there will be such a day, like this when all 5 gather together. Hope everyone work even harder, cheering for us while waiting~

Kyu Jong: So before we leave the stage, starting from Hyun Joong Hyung, say something simple to Yong Saeng Hyung who will be entering the Army soon~

Jung Min: It will be a little regretful if we don’t say 501 before we end right? Have to say Heo Young Saeng Mansae~

All Members: 1 2 3~ SS501 Mansae~ Heo YoungSaeng Mansae~

Hyung Joong: Now we will do the last greeting, we are…

All Members: SS501


credit: @RoyalPJM
English Translation: Josie
Chinese Translation: 阿宝的小伙伴&阿四
video credit to: Ilovehyun Triples

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