Sunday, October 27, 2013

[News] SS501, Heo Young Saeng 허영생 and Green Peas – Top Trends on Social Networks

On 26th October, Heo Young Saeng held his first solo concert in Seoul and reunited SS501 on stage. After 3 years, all members of SS501 stood on stage together for the first time, they sang and greeted together. Last night was definitely a dream comes true for fans as they got to see them as 5 again.

SS501′s fans, also known as Triple S, have successfully trended topics #SS501Reunion #YSMyStory0513 and #GreenPeas on mega social networks and made these top trends in many countries and even on a worldwide scale.

Below are some of the ‘moments’ we gathered from Triple S :

#Green Peas on worldwide trend (Green Peas are another name Triple S use for themselves)
This started to trend as SS501 members gathered on stage to sing ‘Green Peas’

#SS501Reunion trending in Turkey

#SS501Reunion trending in China on weibo

#SS501Reunion trending in Vietnam (2nd place)

#SS501Reunion and #YSMyStory trending in Malaysia at 2nd and 3rd places respectively (by 9pm)

#SS501Reunion and #YSMyStory0513 trending in 1st and 4th places respectively in Indonesia

#SS501Reunion and #YSMyStory0513 trending in 1st and 3rd places respectively in Singapore

However, sadly to say, this reunion (on stage) may be the first in 3 years but also the last for the time being, as Heo Young Saeng will be entering army on 31st October. Perhaps, they will reunite again when another member goes off to army?

*I will include other photos regarding this trending... -- Hyun Ae Chin

#SS501Reunion trending World Wide and in the Philippines also... that was 2 hours prior to the concert.... 


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